COSTA RICA 4th-11th april 2020

multi-discipline yoga

Do you love Crossfit, but don’t feel flexible enough for yoga?
Or are you an avid yogi that would never consider tackling a pull-up?
Have you explored the benefits of stillness in helping you move with intention?

For the first time on one of our retreats, we want to bring a full array of different training disciplines together, and combine with yoga to show how they can compliment and elevate each other. The power of yoga reaches far beyond what you do with your body on a mat, and it can be used to improve your performance in so many aspects of your life. If you regularly train in another discipline, you’ll find that introducing yoga principles into your regime will improve focus, flexibility and mental agility. Similarly, if you solely practice yoga and like to follow a set sequence, you can discover the benefits of venturing off the mat in increasing your strength and adaptability.

Our venue is located in beautiful Nosara, atop a hill overlooking a river valley that opens up to views of the Pacific Ocean and epic sunsets. At Rayos Del Sol, the air is a little cooler and pleasant breezes carry in the sound of crashing waves, birds chirping and howler monkeys calling. As they say in Costa Rica, Pura Vida (meaning ‘Pure Life’) all day long.

More on Rayos Del Sol here


Every morning you have the option to join us for sunrise meditation

Morning - 60 minute sunrise dynamic class. Either yoga based, or focused on other movement and strength training. Expect strength drills, a jungle obstacle course or dharma vinyasa.

During the day, you have the option to join excursions, including ATV tours through the jungle, canopy walks through the tree tops of the surrounding nature, surf trips to the local beaches or escape room. You can also choose to laze by the pool, or walk around the beautiful grounds.

1pm Plant-based lunch

3pm Workshop combining 2 disciplines. Think acro yoga + animal movement or meditation and inversions
Learn how to combine your practices to get the best results.

Evening - 75 minute sunset restorative class, either breathwork, pranayama, yin or mediation

7pm Plant-based buffet style dinner

Mid-week we will hold a fire ceremony to set intentions, ending the week
with an ecstatic dance and Cacao ceremony.

your teachers

Skoti Pepper | Follow Skoti @wearefera

Skoti teaches animal flow, breathwork and meditation. He strongly feels as humans we have lost our way from being an animal, and when we do that we start creating behavioural patterns so subconsciously that we might not even relate to the fact that they might not be serving us and they are up for question. If we can nurture this side of us, the animal, we open the door to endless possibilities. Just remember, when a wild animal gets backed into a corner and suppressed, just think about the many ways it will try to escape and protect itself. Animals are stronger than the human conditioning, it is time to let your animal rise, otherwise it will come out in ways that do not serve you. 

Leo Oppenheim | Follow Leo on Instagram

Leo is a multi discipline instructor specialising in balance and core stability. His journey into movement began with skating, traversed through balance board and slacklining, and has ultimately landed him on the yoga mat. He’s convinced that movement lies at the heart of everything we do, and credits yoga with providing the only element that was missing, flexibility. Leaving male ego and athletic ability at the door, yoga taught him that cardiovascular activity did not necessarily equate to flexibility, nor did it give him the space to explore his own wellbeing. For Leo one of the greatest fears he overcame through yoga was being comfortable with vulnerability.

Rather than chasing personal bests and perfection, Leo’s practice has evolved towards moving with intention; no ego, just working to your best ability. It’s clear that Leo loves to move, but he also loves to teach others how to move with fluidity and purpose. For those wanting to master the art of yoga, or obtain the ninja like balance required for slacklining, Leo understands that it takes both discipline and surrender to get the most out of our bodies.

Amy Patsalides | Follow Amy @amypatsalides

Amy has always had a natural tendency towards a more yang practice, so her training was focused on more dynamic practices like circuits, long distance running and boxing. She only found her way onto the yoga mat 8 years ago after suffering a string of injuries. Yoga not only helped her heal her injuries, but she also discovered a multitude of other benefits yoga brought to her training. By slowing down and becoming more connected to her body, she could move more mindfully and overcome habitual and dysfunctional movement patterns, plus the mental strength she developed through meditation meant she had less fear of failure. She realised how valuable this depth of understanding of how we move can be used to overcome challenges in life on, and off the mat. Her teaching will encourage you to explore how yoga and meditation can bring you back to your body, make you a more intelligent mover, and take your performance to the next level.

Sam Wilensky | Follow Sam @sewilensky

Sam is a former fashion-industry-financial-planner turned yoga-meditation-reiki enthusiast. She found yoga as part of her own journey of self-healing from a lifetime spent disconnected from her body. As a deeply curious being, Sam continued to explore yoga across multiple disciplines and lineages, ultimately leading her to meditation and reiki to create well stocked tool-box of incredibly powerful tools that would allow her continue to get to know herself, to heal and to wake up.

Sam’s work is rooted in the energetic body-mind connection and observing what’s happening in our bodies as it relates to our emotional patterning. Primarily utilizing still practices of yin yoga, meditation, breathwork and reiki energy healing, Sam facilitates experiences of deep release and heart opening designed to support self-healing and waking up to the fullest expression of aliveness.

from £1090pp

  • 7 nights stay at Rayos Del Sol + airport transfers

  • Vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • 2 daily yoga classes per day + extra workshops

Not included:

  • Flights to Costa Rica (the nearest airport is Liberia)

  • Excursions and tours