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Amy Patsalides

Being a natural ‘yang’ personality with a background in marathon training and crossfit, she felt initially drawn to more athletic yoga practices such as ashtanga and vinyasa flow. Her yoga journey began as a new way to challenge her body, but became so much more than that, as she discovered the many layers of philosophy beneath the physical practice. Over the years, and following an intensive teacher training in Hatha yoga with Zuna Yoga, she began to slow down and appreciate yoga, not just as a physical exercise, but as a holistic guide to being more balanced in body, and more importantly mind. She’s since trained in Reiki, began teaching therapeutic yin and continues to be fascinated with traditional yoga principles, and how they can be applied in the modern world.

Amy is the founder of Akasha, but will also be teaching in Norway 2019

Katarina Rayburn

As a physics graduate and trained actress, making the transition to full time yoga teacher wasn't the obvious choice.  However, it was after discovering a strong yang style of yoga in London, and then traveling to India to explore the lighter practice of Sivananda yoga that she realised what an integral part of her physical and mental wellbeing it had become.  She then returned to India a year later to complete her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Ashtanga and Ashtanga Vinyasa (Rocket) with The Yoga People. Katarina immediately began teaching yoga full time and by 2017 had completed 500hrs of advanced Teacher Training with her teachers Jamie and Dulce, The Yoga People, in Ashtanga, Rocket, Yin, Mandala Vinyasa & Shamanism.

You'll be able to join Kat in February on our Panama 2019 Retreat.


Leo Oppenheim

Leo is a multi discipline instructor specialising in balance and core stability. His journey into movement began with skating, traversed through balance board and slacklining, and has ultimately landed him on the yoga mat. He’s convinced that movement lies at the heart of everything we do, and credits yoga with providing the only element that was missing, flexibility. Rather than chasing personal bests and perfection, Leo’s practice has evolved towards moving with intention; no ego or attachment, just working to your best ability. It’s clear that Leo loves to move, but he also loves to teach others how to move with fluidity and purpose. For those wanting to master the art of yoga, or obtain the ninja like balance required for slacklining, Leo understands that it takes both discipline and surrender to get the most out of our bodies.

Take advantage of all of Leo’s skills on our Norway 2019 Retreat.


Lolo Lam

Lolo’s classes combine a powerful yet nurturing energy with a mischievous sparkle, that balance strength with flexibility, and hard work with playfulness. Born among the sheep and cows of the West Country, Lolo was told by every wanderer and hippy that she was a natural born healer. Feisty and full of rebellion, she dismissed those crustys as loons and set off to be a rock star. However they were soon proved right, when she found herself in the world of nursing, running around in scrubs and saving lives! Lolo enjoyed being a nurse, but was constantly reminded of the limitations of western health care, prompting her to close the conventional medical door and train in Ayurvedic medicine – complete with massage, herbs and funky food habits. From here her journey into Yoga began.

Lolo will be teaching our Morzine Retreat in January.

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Skoti Pepper

Skoti strongly feels as a human we have lost our way from being an animal, and when we do that we start creating all these behavioural patterns so subconsciously that we might not even relate to the fact that they might not be serving us and they are up for question. If we can nurture this side of us, the animal, we open the door to endless possibilities. Just remember, when a wild animal gets backed into a corner and suppressed, just think about the many ways it will try to escape and protect itself. Animals are stronger than the human conditioning, it is time to let your animal rise, otherwise it will come out in ways that do not serve you.  He teaches animal movement, conditioning and flexibility and meditation.

Skoti will be teaching on our Costa Rica Retreat in April.

Sam Wilensky

Sam is our very own yogi superstar, helping out on the admin and organisation for our retreats. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Sam is passionate about the energetic body-mind connection and the power of tuning into what our bodies are telling us. Having found yoga only three years ago, the impact was immediate and has transformed Sam's life. Starting out with a fast, fiery, yang vinyasa practice, she has grown to love the slow, deep practice of Yin yoga. Practicing and teaching on both ends of the spectrum allows her to find balance and equanimity not just in herself, but in the world. Sam's journey as a yoga teacher also led her to find Reiki which has been an instrumental tool in helping herself and others further explore the roadmap of emotion in the body. Sam's classes range from upbeat, dynamic and challenging, to slow, sweet and reflective.

Alice Jackson

Alice believes deeply in the power of yoga to shine a light on our limitless possibilities so we can uncover our full potential, and is constantly in awe at the transformative nature of yoga. Through her personal practice she has developed a stronger connection not only to her true self but her environment and those around her.

Teaching from an intuitive and nurturing place, Alice always invites students to connect and tune in as they move. She enjoys teaching creative vinyasa style classes that encourage students to explore their own individuality.

Alice is teaching on our Bali 2019 Retreat


As a young teacher, Laura feels completely blessed to have connected to this part of herself so early in life. Her asana practice has transcended her pre-conceived physical and mental limitations, and yoga has infiltrated her life in every way. Yoga brings Laura clarity and inner strength, enabling her to navigate her way through obstacles and fully appreciate every moment of her life. Her teaching encourages students to find their own personal flow within the practice, creating space in body and mind, body positivity, and inner strength. You can expect to find an equal balance between integrity and creativity in her sequences that feel almost like a dance between yoga and self-expression.

Laura is teaching on our Bali 2019 Retreat



Claudia is an internationally beloved health and wellness maven with a passion for helping everyone she encounters — both in her classes and off the mat - realise their full potential. In her life, yoga was the game-changer that helped her articulate and actualise her own, and it is through her yoga classes, workshops, retreats, and online content that she aims to help others find health and happiness. As a former dancer, she grew up with a love for movement. Which translates to a practice and teaching style that is both strong and graceful, challenging and fluid. Her favourite moments are in seeing people find and blend their true values into their practice. 

Claudia is teaching on our Bali 2019 Retreat