27th October - 2nd november


A Sensational Experience Through Movement

As we get further into our yoga journey, it becomes about so much more than what we do with our body. When you show up to practice, the sounds, scents and energy of the space can all subtly influence your experience. We’ve curated this retreat to intertwine physical movement with a journey through the senses, exploring how we can deepen our experience of yoga, and ultimately the wider world around us, by absorbing ourselves totally into what is happening right now.

Every class will be focusing on sound, whether through a healing gong bath as you practice restorative yin or high-energy rave music to start the day with ecstatic dance, all classes will be accompanied with carefully curated playlists designed to synchronise movement with music. All of our teachers are passionate about sound, and will consider all movement they lead on this retreat to be part of a full sensory experience. You can also expect to explore how all of the senses can enhance your practice when either withdrawn, or heightened.

Our venue is set in a typical little Spanish hamlet community, surrounded by the traditional and simple Spanish country way of life. There are around 30 houses in the hamlet, some 50 Spanish neighbours & a simple bar, but no shops, banks etc. Set in a gorgeous green valley, flanked by orange groves, in the famous nature reserve “Sierra de las Nieves”. There is a spring of the river “Rio Grande” born at the entrance of the hamlet, sending the purest of waters pouring through the yoga centre, offering bathing facilities whilst surrounded by the wonderful fragrance of mountain flowers.  

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8am 90 minute movement class

10am Breakfast

11am or 3pm each day we will hold a group session in breathwork, meditation or healing

You have the option to spend the day at the nearby beach, surfing, swimming in the private freshwater lake, hiking or renting a bike to explore the stunning countryside. We encourage you to observe how this week affects your experience of the world around you.

1.30pm Lunch

6.00pm 90 minute evening restorative class, with sound and either yoga nidra or meditation

8.30pm Dinner

the team

Amy Patsalides

Amy teaches yin, meditation and hatha vinyasa. She has a natural yang personality, but following her training in hatha yoga, she started to slow down, and notice what was going on in her body on every level, becoming in tune with how the practice felt rather than how it looked. She sees movement as a pathway to understanding ourselves, and the world around us, and believes it can be the most effective way to heal emotional, as well as physical pain. She believes the greatest challenge most of us face today is sitting in stillness, and noticing how we feel.

Follow Amy on Instagram @amypatsalides


Charlie Kelly

Charlie teaches jivamukti flow. He has been practicing movement, meditation and yoga for over a decade. He teaches ways to integrate a yoga practice in to your normal routine and how to better handle stressful and challenging situations. His classes are flowing and pacey with a focus more on enlightenment than alignment. Music plays a key part in his life both on and off the mat, and he integrates some of the more traditional elements of yoga into his contemporary practice. 


Michelle Cade

Michelle offers Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and traditional Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage, sound therapy, music inspired by meditation, sound healing and yoga as well as being an inspiration hub with tips and tools for personal transformation and development. Fascinated with sound therapy, healing frequencies, personal transformation and optimal wellbeing; she uses a blend of sound, scents, lighting and natural beauty as part of her holistic approach to create the ultimate relaxing experience. Reaching ones potential is more likely when we are good to our bodies and minds.

Follow Michelle on Instagram @mindlikewaterwellbeing


Skoti Pepper

Skoti teaches animal flow, breathwork and meditation. He strongly feels as humans we have lost our way from being an animal, and when we do that we start creating behavioural patterns so subconsciously that we might not even relate to the fact that they might not be serving us and they are up for question. If we can nurture this side of us, the animal, we open the door to endless possibilities. Just remember, when a wild animal gets backed into a corner and suppressed, just think about the many ways it will try to escape and protect itself. Animals are stronger than the human conditioning, it is time to let your animal rise, otherwise it will come out in ways that do not serve you. 

Follow Skoti on Instagram @wearefera



from £990 per person

Included in this price:

  • 7 nights stay at Molino Del Rey

  • Half board meals (breakfast + dinner)

  • 1x dynamic movement class every morning

  • 1x restorative, yin or meditation class every evening

  • An additional 90 minute workshop each day

  • Daily guided meditation + sound healing

  • Airport transfers

Not included:

  • Reiki & massage available at extra cost

  • Flights (approximately £100)


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