12th-18th OCtober

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Combining breathwork, sound, mantra, meditation and dance with your yoga practice to offer the opportunity to journey deeper. During this week we will start with a focus on the feminine energy in the first 2 chakras, before helping you journey beyond the physical, remove energetic blocks, and finally allow energy to flow throughout the whole body.

No matter what you’re trying to achieve with your practice, everything must start with grounding and getting more in touch with your body. Once you find stability and power here, you’ll find natural improvement and engagement with every area of your practice. We will offer daily expressive and creative flow classes to start the day, finishing with complimentary restorative practices such as meditation, nidra and yin. Within every practice we’ll encourage you to make the movement your own. Alongside the physical practice, we will look at yoga as a much broader subject, including self-healing, philosophy and mindfulness.

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7am Tea, coffee and smoothies available
7.30am Pathway to Meditation class, including breathwork
8am 1.15 hour morning creative flow
10.00am Brunch

We can help you arrange massage, a visit to an ayurvedic doctor, cooking classes, surf lessons or day trips!

5pm 1 hour evening yoga class, a more restorative practice to help you process the day
6pm Meditation, breathwork, group healing, ecstatic dance or yoga nidra

8pm Dinner

the team

Laura Booth
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As a young teacher, Laura feels completely blessed to have connected to this part of herself so early in life. Her asana practice has transcended her pre-conceived physical and mental limitations, and yoga has infiltrated her life in every way. Yoga brings Laura clarity and inner strength, enabling her to navigate her way through obstacles and fully appreciate every moment of her life. Her teaching encourages students to find their own personal flow within the practice, creating space in body and mind, body positivity, and inner strength. You can expect to find an equal balance between integrity and creativity in her sequences that feel almost like a dance between yoga and self-expression.

Amy Patsalides
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Amy teaches yin, meditation and hatha vinyasa. Her personal yoga journey has led her from a dynamic physical practice, over many years back to an appreciation of the philosophical aspect of yoga. Following her teacher training in hatha yoga, she began to find more enjoyment in exploring the small intricacies of a pose, and becoming in tune with how the practice felt rather than how it looked. In becoming more mindful, she found an ability to feel so much more in the simplest of asana, and realised how valuable this depth of understanding could be in overcoming challenges in life off the mat. Her teaching will encourage you to explore the emotions of the practice, rather than being orientated by achieving aesthetic beauty with your body.


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  • 6 nights accommodation at Green Peace Inn

  • Vegetarian brunch and dinner

  • 2 Daily yoga classes + healing, breathwork or meditation

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