10th MARCH 10am-4pm

spring awakening

Movement, Meditation & Social
@ Space At The Mill Manchester
w/ Amy Patsalides, Skoti Pepper & Leo Oppenheim

Time For New Beginnings

We're so excited to finally introduce our new agency Incubate, helping individuals and businesses in the wellbeing sector reach their potential in an organic way. We've all been inspired to start this agency because we want to build a community of support around wellbeing professionals and practitioners, a space of skill-sharing and guidance for anyone starting a career in the industry, and also offering everything a business in this sector needs to get started, and ultimately grow. Our tag line is 'we got you', and we hope during this day you'll understand how.



Full Schedule TBC

We'll confirm the final schedule in the next few weeks, but we promise it will be special and carefully curated - and we hope the start of new beginnings for everyone that can attend!


We'll also have the first official screening of the film we created during our workshop in January!

Check us out @incubate_agency


the team

Skoti, Amy and Leo are all very different, both on and off the mat. The way they teach, and the kind of movement they like to practice, feels authentic to them. They’ve all had their own experiences of being new to the world of wellbeing, trying to start a business, or surviving as a freelancer. They know the power of community, and that’s why they’re passionate about sharing and supporting others, that’s what inspired Incubate, and why they love to curate workshops to share with you!

Skoti @wearefera
Leo @flowfitness1983
Amy @amypatsalides