7th DECEMBER 9-4pm

upcoming workshops

We've arranged a day of workshops to introduce you to the theme, and the team, behind our Costa Rica retreats next April. Book the retreat on the day, and you’ll also get £50 off the ticket price!

@ Bonded Warehouse, Manchester
£25.00pp per 2.5 hour workshop


mandala + yin

With Claudia Mirallegro + Sarah Grogan

Mandala & Yin | Retreat Dates 11th-18th April, from £1290pp

The Mandala Vinyasa practice encourages you to explore every element of yourself, to discover your inherent nature and observe how movement compliments or challenges your true self. Based on the Mayan calendar, we will visit a different element each day and awaken it’s energy through movement, breath and meditation. This is a beautiful practice to help you reconnect with nature and find a deeper appreciation of the world around you, ultimately leading to a feeling of greater wellbeing.

See here for more details of the retreat: Encircling The Mandala

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With Leo Oppenheim, Amy Patsalides + Skoti Pepper

Multi Discipline Training | Retreat Dates 4th-11th April, from £1190pp

The power of yoga reaches far beyond what you do with your body on a mat, and it can be used to improve your performance in so many aspects of your life. If you regularly train in another discipline, you’ll find that introducing yoga principles into your regime will improve focus, flexibility and mental agility. Similarly, if you solely practice yoga and like to follow a set sequence, you can discover the benefits of venturing off the mat in increasing your strength and adaptability.

See here for more details of the retreat: Multi-Discpline Training

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